Does Aloe Vera Actually Help Soothe Sunburns?

When it comes to sunburns, aloe vera seems to be the go-to solution. After all: how many times have our mothers and grandmothers (and everyone in between) handed us a bottle of bright green gel after a day out in the sun? Generations of passing down its purported healing properties have given the plant near-mythical benefits to the point where without question, we accept it as a fix-all for everything from dry to sensitive or stressed-out skin.

There’s truth in it—but it’s time we graduate from the gloopy green formulas and learn about why it works and where we can implement it throughout our routine.

What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a naturally-derived plant ingredient best known for its ability to soothe and moisturize. All skin types can benefit from it, and our grandmothers were right: aloe’s naturally calming properties, thanks to its unique vitamin and mineral-rich composition, can help with sunburn, windburn, and general discomfort from dryness. Not only is Aloe a great source of hydration, but it’s also packed with amino acids, magnesium, phytosterols, polysaccharides, potassium, and vitamins A, C, D, and E.

In topical applications, an aloe-based gel is likely the one you’re most familiar with—but it can also be extracted as a powder or liquid and infused into other skincare products, too. In fact, you’ll find it in a few key KINLÒ products for a boost of soothing hydration: just look for variations of “Aloe barbadensis” in the ingredient list on any skincare label if you want to include more aloe in your skincare routine.

Which KINLÒ Products Are Formulated With Aloe Vera?

Although aloe is mainly associated with aftersun care, you’ll find it in both our SPF and recovery products. In sunscreen, aloe vera gives that added vitamin-enriched hydration boost that helps your skin maintain a comfortable balance. In our post-sun skincare, you’ll see aloe in higher percentages to effectively address sun-stressed or dehydrated skin.

Find aloe vera in Sunscreen Stick SPF 30, Cooling Body Gel Moisturizer, Hydrating Golden Mist, Hydrating Eye Cream, and of course: our most-loved aftersun essential, Soothing Aloe Gel.

What Makes KINLÒ Soothing Aloe Gel So Unique?

Soothing Aloe Gel is the KINLÒ-clean take on the (iconic) slime-green aloe gels of our childhood. It maximizes the calming and moisturizing properties of aloe vera by leveraging similar properties in other skincare ingredients—like glycerin for moisture, and green tea for free radical defense from UV exposure. It’s instantly cooling and soothing on contact, and because it doesn’t contain ingredients that negate Aloe’s benefits (like dyes, alcohol, and artificial fragrance), Aloe Soothing Gel can be especially helpful in comforting sun-stressed skin. My best tip is to keep the bottle in your fridge (or in a cooler, if you’re out): it’ll feel incredible after a hot day in the sun.

It’s also fantastic as a shaving gel. The aloe soothes, the gel formula adds easy glide, and the blend of hydration heroes keeps skin soft (and visibly calmer) after you’re done. Rinse it off and follow with another layer of Aloe Soothing Gel to help keep irritation at bay—or if your skin can handle menthol after shaving, Cooling Body Gel Moisturizer is a favorite post-shave follow-up that gives your skin a tingly-fresh finish. (Keep application to your legs and arms only, though!)

And speaking of Cooling Body Gel Moisturizer: this aloe-infused hydrator feels incredible if you’re fielding mosquito bites. Keep it in the fridge next to your aloe gel and pop a pea-sized dot on any bites: the aloe and menthol mix is instantly gratifying for those itchy spots.

Stay Golden,
Dr. B