Don’t Forget to Wear Sunscreen While Driving

… and while doing these everyday tasks, too.

As we enjoy this warm weather, I wanted to quickly remind you of the times you need to be applying sunscreen but are likely forgetting… which tends to be when (and where) you least expect to need SPF.

An easy rule of thumb I share with my clients is to prep for the day like you’re going to the beach, even if you’re staying in. As long as the sun is up in the sky (even on cloudy days) it’ll emit UVA/UVB rays—so be prepared with SPF no matter where you are.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen…

… while driving.

Seems innocuous enough, but even if some car windows are tinted, you need sun protection. Apply wherever your skin is exposed—arms, elbows, and most definitely your hands, too.

… while running quick errands.

Even if you’re just walking your dog or popping out for a few minutes, the UV damage becomes cumulative. Take the extra few minutes to slather on sunscreen before you head out.

… on cloudy or rainy days.

You might not be able to see the sun, but its UVA/UVB rays can definitely reach you.

… when indoors—and near a window.

By now you get the drill: those rays will penetrate and can cause free radical damage over time. If you work by a window, are walking around a shopping center with giant skylights, or know that whatever room you’re in has fantastic natural light: apply and re-apply SPF throughout the day.

… when you have a window seat on a flight. 

The same principle above applies here—but it’s even more crucial now that you’re that much closer to the sun. If you’re flying during the day, wear sunscreen before you board your flight, and depending on the duration of your flight, apply a fresh layer once you reach your final destination.

… while using your computer, phone, or any screen.

No matter the time of day, screentime exposes you to blue light (a wavelength that has been shown to affect or expedite visible signs of aging). Mineral sunscreen can help shield your skin from this type of damage, so if you’re pulling a late night, do put on the SPF.

Stay Golden,

Dr. B