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KINLO Hydrating Golden Mist
Glamour shot of woman with freckles
Close up of a woman's shoulder
Soothe + Refresh

Hydrating Golden

KINLO Hydrating Golden Mist
Glamour shot of woman with freckles
Close up of a woman's shoulder

$14.99 available on subscription

Light and refreshing after-sun mist that soothes and cools well-sunned skin with the healing properties of calendula and aloe vera. Scented with coconut and orange zest to transport you to a tropical island with every spritz.

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To Use

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Lightly mist your skin to feel refreshed and restored. For in-room use, spray upwards towards the center of the room.

flower drawing
Glamour shot of woman
Woman with freckles smiling


  • Hemp seed oil
  • Full Ingredients
Hemp plant
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Woman touching her face and looking at the camera
  • What makes your products formulated for melanated skin?

    Each product is formulated to address the needs of people with more melanin in their skin, something that many product lines simply ignore. Our suncare products use tinted formulas, designed to blend into melanated skin without white or ashy residue. We also understand the ramifications of sunlight on the skin. Our product takes into account that high energy visible light causes hyperpigmentation (a major issue for melanated skin). This product is formulated to help protect against high energy visible light to preserve your melanin. In addition, more melanated skin tends to need more hydration, so nutrient-rich ingredients such as safflower and jojoba oils, glycerin, and shea butter have also been used to preserve and restore moisture.

  • Is this a body mist or a room spray?

    Both! You can use the Hydrating Golden Mist on your skin for moisture restoration and a soothing effect after a day in the sun OR you can use it as a refreshing room spray to bring a lovely aroma of coconut and orange to your personal space.

  • Can this help with a sunburn?

    The Hydrating Golden Mist is formulated with aloe vera as a key ingredient, which helps provide a hydrating and cooling effect after prolonged sun exposure. Aloe vera contains vitamins (A, C, E, B12, folic acid), minerals and fatty acids, which all are recognized for healing properties, anti-inflammatory action, moisturizing, anti-aging effects and, in some cases, an antimicrobial effect — all ideal for sun-drenched skin.

  • Are your products sustainably sourced?

    All KINLÒ products are non-nano, paraben free and cruelty free. We use sustainably sourced ingredients like squalane, jojoba, safflower oil, coconut oil, green tea, hemp seed, witch hazel, terminalia arjuna bark, red marine algae and aloe vera.

Woman touching her face and looking at the camera
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