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A Day in the Life of Naomi

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Dog mom, tea-drinker, lover of skincare, and avid tennis ball-hitter

I usually wake up a little earlier now that I have a dog. I feed him his breakfast and take him out, and then I make some green tea or sometimes I have a matcha latte. I like to eat fresh salmon for breakfast because it has lots of protein and nutrients that keep me full but don’t weigh me down while I’m training.

After my tea, I switch to water for the rest of the day – since I’m training in the heat, it’s so important to stay hydrated. I’m also in the sun a ton, so I always apply KINLÒ Golden Rays Sunscreen while I’m getting ready. It’s my favorite sunscreen for total blendability and it stays on well when I sweat. After training, I get an hour of massage treatment for recovery.

I always spray KINLÒ Hydrating Golden Mist all over my face and body after my workouts for a little refresher, but I also like to spray it in the room during my massage treatment because the smell is so nice and it helps me relax. I spend the afternoon either working on creative business projects, or relaxing and playing video games with my sister. I’ll eat something light and healthy for dinner and then I go to bed pretty early since I’m up early in the mornings.

I like to apply KINLÒ Hydrating Facial Oil before I go to sleep because it keeps my skin moisturized through the night, and I wake up with a healthy glow. My schedule changes a little while I’m on the road, but I still take all my favorite skincare products with me and mostly follow the same training and diet routine. No days off!

Stay Golden,
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